Secretary Announcement

League Secretaries

Please remember to get your awards turned in on a weekly basis if possible.  When you turn in several weeks at one time you may have to wait on them.  

These are benefits to our bowlers if they miss an award, they are not very happy.

Tid Bits from Nationals

Enforcing rules and protests
As league officers, you have the authority to enforce rules. Rule 102a-2 states:

All league officers have the authority to enforce rules no later than 15 days of the series being bowled except when the series is bowled during the:

a. Final two weeks of a league schedule rules must be enforced no later than 72 hours of the final date of the league schedule or the end of a segment if the league bowls a split season.

b. League roll-off or playoff, rules must be enforced no later than 72 hours.

The same time constraints apply for members to protest games, with the addition that a written protest must be filed to invoke action by the league board of directors. See the guide to handle protests

Don’t let bowlers get behind in fees
It’s a simple rule of business – the longer fees go unpaid, the more likely the fees will not be paid. If the bowler does not pay, you, as a league officer, may tell the bowler and the team captain the bowler cannot bowl until fees are paid.

If all efforts to collect fees fail, the league may file a complaint with USBC following the procedures in Rule 115b. Click on the following tools to assist in the process to file a complaint:

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